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Sunflower Seed Tea – Benefits and Properties

by Dianna Leon

Sunflower seeds have health benefits, are extremely nutritious and can even help in the weight loss process. They can be used to prepare tea, toasted as appetizers, or they can be used to extract the oil, which comes to be used in food preparation and in moisturizing creams. Check out the benefits and learn how to make tea from the seeds.

Properties and benefits

Rich in protein, fiber, vitamins, minerals and unsaturated fats (omega 6 and omega 9), considered healthy and essential fats, sunflower seeds are an excellent source of energy, as they are also rich in essential fatty acids. They are also responsible for promoting cardiovascular health, being effective in preventing diseases such as stroke and heart attack.

The presence of vitamin B in large amounts makes the seed have many benefits for psychological well-being, in addition to vitamin B1 that helps keep the brain alert even in stressful situations. Polyunsaturated fats act to reduce bad cholesterol, in addition to acting as antioxidants that are essential for muscle formation and recovery.

Vitamin E, also abundant in sunflower seeds, is a powerful antioxidant that fights free radicals, the main causes of premature aging. Phytosteroids, compounds that have a chemical structure similar to good cholesterol, help to reduce levels of bad cholesterol, in addition to increasing the immune response and decreasing the risk of contracting some types of cancer.

Regular consumption of seeds stimulates muscle and blood vessel relaxation in order to control blood pressure. Because it is rich in magnesium, sunflower seed also helps to combat muscle pain, fatigue, cramps and migraines, as these can be caused by a deficiency of the mineral in the body.

sunflower seed tea

One way to enjoy the benefits of sunflower seeds is through their tea. For the preparation, you will need two tablespoons of roasted sunflower and a liter of water. In a container, place the water and seeds and bring the fire, letting it boil for approximately 10 minutes. Turn off the heat and cover, waiting for it to warm. Then strain and consume up to four cups throughout the day.

Sunflower oil and its benefits

The oil made with sunflower seeds can be a good option for those looking to lose weight and are on a diet. This happens because it is able to inhibit the LPL, which is responsible for transferring the fat circulating in the blood to the fat cells, forcing the body to use the existing energy supply as its main source.

In addition, the oil can be used to bring more health to the skin, being widely used in moisturizers for sensitive skin of children and babies, as well as massage. It can be applied to the skin and hair as an essential oil.

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