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Teas that lighten the skin

by Dianna Leon
Chás que clareiam a pele

Some factors such as the passage of time, depilatory processes, lack of sunscreen and excessive sun can cause unpleasant spots on the skin, such as the darkening of some areas. Even in younger individuals, it is already possible to notice some discreet skin spots, as the incidence of UV rays has grown like never before in history. So, get to know some teas that can be used on the skin to promote its whitening and progressively eliminate unwanted spots.

Teas that lighten the skin

chamomile tea

Used for this purpose for hundreds of years, chamomile is able to promote the regeneration of skin cells and prevent inflammation. That’s why it is constantly remembered for the treatment of pimples and acnes, eczema, scars, reduction of dark circles, irritations and psoriasis, in addition to lightening the skin.

To prepare the tea, heat 3 teaspoons of chamomile leaves; 1 tablespoon of rose water; 1 cup of water and 1 tablespoon of honey. Bring to a boil until it becomes a homogeneous mixture. When the temperature cools, dip a cotton swab and apply it over the desired location.

green tea

Green tea is responsible for resting the skin, deflating, promoting deep cleansing and lightening blemishes. Therefore, just like chamomile tea, it is an excellent option for having a more even and beautiful skin.

Heat 1 liter of mineral water together with 5 teaspoons of green tea. Simmer for 5 minutes, then smother. When the temperature is cool, dip a cotton swab into the green tea and then apply it over the spot.


It is important to remember that the application of the aforementioned teas on the skin is not harmful, and is highly efficient in cleaning it, removing residues, toxins and bacteria accumulated in the day-to-day. So don’t wait for blemishes to appear to take care of your skin. Promote at least twice a week a skin cleansing with one of the aforementioned teas – or even alternate between them – and never, under any circumstances, give up using sunscreen daily.

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