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The preparation time for teas

by Dianna Leon

The process of preparing teas is not restricted to just heating the water, but rather to prepare it carefully to obtain all its benefits and its true taste. Although many people think the recipe is simple, preparing the wrong way can completely change the flavor.

What do we need to prepare tea?

The basic equipment for the preparation of tea are:

  • Kettle
  • teapot
  • Sieve for tea or infuser

In addition, we can use milk, but this depends on the taste of who is preparing the tea, and sugar or sweetener. The latter, however, should not be used in the preparation to enhance the flavor of the tea, as they completely alter it. If you really need to sweeten it because you can’t consume it without it, use honey.

first steps

Before anything, it is necessary to sanitize all the material that will be used in the process, as well as checking the quality of the water that will be used to make the tea. Before preparing, it is necessary to check the ideal temperature for each herb, as each one has a temperature for infusion, as well as a specific time.

The tip is: unless you’re making black tea, don’t let the water reach the boiling point. Turn off the heat as soon as you notice the presence of bubbles at the bottom of the kettle – it will be between 70° and 90°, ideal for brewing, as it will not burn the tea leaves, thus maintaining the properties of the herb .

infusion time

The brewing time also depends on the flavor you want to achieve. There are those who like to consume a tea with a weaker flavor and those who prefer stronger flavors. With this, you will be able to measure how long it will take to make the flavor you prefer. In addition, on the package of herbs, it is usually written how long they should be infused. Below is a list of some teas and the average time they should normally be infused.

  • Black tea: between 3 and 5 minutes;
  • Pu-erh: between 3 and 5 minutes;
  • Red tea (Oolong): between 3 and 5 minutes;
  • Green tea: between 3 and 5 minutes;
  • White tea: between 2 and 3 minutes;
  • Infusions/blends: between 5 and 7 minutes.

Remembering that this time can be changed according to the flavor you want to achieve.

How to serve tea?

Tea should be served, preferably at a warm temperature. The accompaniment with milk, sugar, honey or lemon, for example, varies according to the preference of those who consume it, but the ideal is to consume without sweetening, as only then the flavor will remain unchanged.

tea with milk

In Brazil it is not common to find someone who adds milk to the tea, but in England this is very common practice, adding more texture and smoothness to the flavor of the herb.

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