The wide variety of natural products available in markets and open markets turn them into true “pharmacies”. That’s because most of the ingredients available there can be used to prevent and combat many health problems , in addition, of course, to providing an improvement in quality of life. Whether in the preparation of salads or any other dish, vegetables are also used in the design of teas .

This drink is very popular around the world; its consumption is second only to water. However, despite being a natural drink , which can be used for medicinal purposes, it is necessary to take some precautions regarding the consumption of teas.

The indication is that the doctor is consulted. This will ensure that the alternative treatment is done in the best possible way.

Vegetable teas

In addition to herbs , fruits and other leaves , vegetables can also be used as natural medicines in combating certain types of ailments. To learn more about these elements, pay attention to the list below. It contains a series of vegetables, as well as their indications, which will help in the accumulation of knowledge when preparing a tea.


A vegetable extremely rich in fiber ,  vitamins A, B and C, proteins ,  potassium , beta-carotene ,  calcium , iron and phosphorus , turnip is indicated as a natural laxative, expectorant, emollient, blood purifier, aperient, diuretic, antiscrofulous, antiberiberic , alkalizing, anti-scurvy, revolutionary, tonic and refreshing. It can also be used to treat problems of intestinal inflammation ,  pain , cough , hemorrhoids , skin ulceration and inflammation in general.


The chard tea is indicated in the treatment of mycoses , gallstones, diabetes , neuritis, unregulated stomach, hemorrhoids and anuria. It also treats burns and scars . Chard consumption also regulates blood sugar, due to the presence of syringic acid. The vegetable also strengthens bones and teeth.


The lettuce tea helps in fighting free radicals , acts in the healing process, helps in the formation of blood cells, prevents cases of anemia , helps in proper functioning of muscles, causes the bowel functions regularly. In cases related to weight loss , lettuce tea promotes a feeling of satiety , in addition to contributing to the metabolism of proteins, fats and carbohydrates.


The beet tea helps in the treatment of anemia , prevents the appearance of some types of cancer , controlling diabetes and preventing heart problems. It also protects the liver and aids in food digestion. The ingredient also aids in weight loss and eliminates free radicals, being beneficial to the skin .

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The onion tea acts as a powerful natural anti-inflammatory , used often during treatment against skin problems, neck, bones, stomach and intestines. It is also indicated to combat several specific diseases, including: coughing for more than a week, cardiorespiratory diseases, flu and diseases that affect the heart, causing heart attacks and strokes.

To eliminate phlegm and fight hoarseness, drinking onion tea daily is recommended. As well as to lower bad blood cholesterol and protect the kidneys from disease and inflammation.


The carrot tea has medicinal properties that help replenish minerals lost by the body, is antidiarrheal and diuretic. The drink is indicated for those who suffer from problems such as  hyperthyroidism , dysmenorrhea, anemia, nervous depression , diarrhea, colitis and intestinal parasites . The drink is also rich in pectin, various mineral salts (potassium and phosphorus), essential oil, among many others.


The chayote can be used to treat cardiovascular problems and inflammation, and can be used as an excellent diuretic . Tea made from the green leaves of this vegetable also helps treat high blood pressure .


The spinach tea is indicated for those with anemia and pressure problems alt a. It is rich in B vitamins, iron, calcium, carotene, magnesium, among other nutrients, it also helps to strengthen immunity , bones, is good for the skin and even acts on brain functions. The drink also serves as a natural laxative and diuretic , is tonic, oxidizing, emollient, helps to recover minerals lost by the body, increases the contractile strength of the heart and even serves as a tranquilizer .


This vegetable fights cases of erysipelas, fever and inflammation in the kidneys , via urine, liver, spleen, prostate, ear, skin and also generalized inflammation. The pumpkin tea can also be used to treat burns, worms, ear pain , anemia, vitamin deficiency, nausea , vomiting of pregnancy , wound syphilitic origin.


The radish is seen as an antioxidant, which is, it protects cells against the oxidizing action of free radicals. This action also serves as a blood cholesterol reducer , which helps to prevent heart disease arising from the circulatory system. The radish has an expectorant action, which improves respiratory diseases such as flu and coughs, in addition to fighting arthritis , rheumatism and gout . The ingredient tea is widely used to improve digestion.

making tea

With regard to the preparation of tea from some of the aforementioned vegetables, it is necessary to pay a little attention, as many are made from the vegetable itself, while others are made from different parts of the plant, such as the leaves, for example .

Generally the basic amount of water needed is 200 ml. You must take it to the fire and heat it up. As soon as it starts bubbling, turn off the heat and add the ingredient.

After that, the next step is to let it rest for a few minutes, between 5 and 10. Use a strainer to strain and drink right away. Before opting for any alternative treatment, the physician should be consulted . He has enough knowledge to certify its use, as well as prescribe the indicated amount for consumption.