Carrots are a very popular culinary food. The key ingredient in dishes such as salads can also serve as a beneficial tea.Carrot tea has medicinal properties that help to replenish minerals lost by the body, is anti-diarrheal and diuretic. The drink is indicated for those who suffer from problems such as hyperthyroidism, dysmenorrhea, anemia, nervous depression, diarrhea, colitis and intestinal parasites.

It is also used as a “medicated mush” to be applied to any part of the body that has an infected wound. Still as a poultice, carrots are also used as a cosmetic for those who want to beautify their skin.

Care and contraindication

Carrot tea is a drink rich in pectin, various mineral salts (potassium and phosphorus), essential oil, among many others. Excessive use of the drink can cause problems such as diarrhea and vomiting. Children, the elderly and people with sensitive stomachs should avoid excessive drinking.

carrot tea


  • 1 carrot root;
  • Half a liter of water.

Preparation mode

Cut the carrot root into thin slices and place them in boiling water. When the liquid reaches the ideal temperature, strain and drink. Try to have 1 cup of tea after breakfast.

Skin disorders


  • 1 medium root;
  • 2 tablespoons of chopped fresh leaves.

Preparation mode

Mix the ingredients and mash them well. Spread over gauze and apply over the injured area. Try to repeat the process twice a day.


Drinking grated carrot juice also helps with the healing process.