When it comes to some natural substance, people hardly ever think about contraindications, or about overuse. It’s good to start changing this practice, because consuming some substances, even if they are natural, can bring serious health complications, yes. Chamomile, for example, among its medicinal properties is that it can be used as a tranquilizer or for digestive problems. But if consumed in excess, it can bring complications.The most common form of consumption of the plant is in the form of tea. Chamomile is a good suggestion for home treatments, as its compounds include phenolics, which fight cell aging and increase the activity of the immune system; glycine, which helps in the production of collagen; tannin, which works as a natural healing agent, and anemic acid, an oily substance with a dark hue that has been used to treat poor circulation, gum inflammation and toothaches.

There are several other ways of consumption and use of chamomile: It can be used as a sedative, thermal protector of the skin, to combat muscle pain, poor digestion, diarrhea, stress, conjunctivitis (it should not be applied directly to the eyes, but a compression of the same), insomnia (the sale of pillows and sleeping masks with chamomile essence is common) and urinary inflammation and flu.

Women also use it to relieve symptoms of menstrual cramps such as nausea, vomiting and headaches. When it comes to moms, chamomile tea is an excellent ally in the teething stage, in controlling children’s emotions, especially hyperactive ones, in addition to being an excellent natural tranquilizer.

As for contraindications, chamomile is not recommended for people with allergic rhinitis, patients who use medication to treat thrombosis and pregnant women.

Excessive use of chamomile

It is generally recommended that tea, including chamomile tea, be consumed in three to four cups a day. More than that, it can bring health complications. Chamomile tea has an active ingredient to treat some symptoms of diseases triggered by the human body. If consumed in the wrong amount, it can cause nausea, nervous excitement and insomnia.

It is always good, before taking any medication, including natural ones, to consult the doctor. He can guide you on how best to consume it.

about chamomile

Chamomile is a popular plant in the homes of Brazilian families. The plant is grown with greater emphasis in North America, harvested once a year. The chamomile flower is similar to a daisy, being in smaller proportions. The harvest must be done before full ripening, so that its properties are maintained.