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Candle tea – Properties and benefits

by Dianna Leon
Candle tea

With the scientific name of Gochnatia polymorpha, the candeia can be popularly known as cambará, cambará with large leaves, cambará do mato and cambará guaçú. A member of the Asteraceae family (the same to which sunflower, daisy and chamomile belong), the candeia is a tree that can reach up to 8 m in height and is widely used for the construction of fences and other wooden objects that require a resistant and strong material like the wood of the lamp. With silvery-looking leaves that seem to have been twisted in their branches, the plant is also commonly sought after in landscaping in general, in addition to reforesting degraded areas, as it manages to survive well in both fertile and dry soil. In addition to all the aforementioned utilities, candeia has also been known by the natives for many years for its medicinal properties,

properties and benefits

After much talk about the powers of candeia, researchers at the University of Planalto Catarinense (UNIPLAC) decided to develop a study with the active principles found in the leaves of the plant. Coordinated by Professor Valfredo Schlemper, the research tested the extract of candeia leaves in tissues taken from the guinea pig, and simulated intestinal contractions in the tissue. Although the result is still partial, it was found that it actually has antispasmodic properties, relieving forced contractions in the research, in addition to being an excellent expectorant.

So, in case you suffer from intestinal pain, colds, constant coughs and flu, remember fondly the candeia plant and what it can do for you.


So that you don’t run the risk of confusing or picking leaves from the wrong plant, look for the lamp in pharmacies or natural food stores. It will be readily dried and ground for your tea to be brewed. Just heat 500 ml of filtered water together with 2 tablespoons of the plant. Simmer for 10 minutes and smother. When the temperature is suitable for consumption, strain and drink twice a day, before main meals.


Before starting any drug treatment – natural or chemical – seek your doctor to then decide how to proceed, as each organism is unique and reacts differently. If you experience any unwanted reaction, discontinue use immediately and seek medical attention.

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