Used with a focus on combating localized fat, injectable products based on green tea can represent a health poison. So much so that the National Health Surveillance Agency (Anvisa) suspended the trade, distribution, handling and dissemination of products of this nature in Brazil. The decision took effect in 2012. Since then, manufacturing is prohibited.

The decision was made based on the lack of studies proving the safety and efficacy of applying subcutaneous formulations containing green tea as the main active agent. In addition to it, Anvisa prohibited the use of other plant extracts, isolated or in association. According to the regulatory agency, the suspension lasts the time necessary for the regularization of products with the agency.

It is noteworthy that the ban on the use of green tea applies only to injectable substances, since there is no prohibition on the use and sale of oral herbal medicines that contain green tea and are registered with the regulatory agency.

the motivation

According to a resolution published in the Official Gazette of the Union, the measure that resulted in the ban was taken after the identification of advertisements on the internet for aesthetic treatments for slimming and combating localized fat. In these treatments, the use of injectable formulations containing green tea isolated or associated with other substances was suggested.

health risks

According to experts, the use of injectable substances, not just green tea, requires a lot of attention from people. This is because any product with toxic characteristics or that causes an infectious process, even in smaller quantities, can be much more dangerous when injectable. Its use can trigger a series of reactions to a person, especially if she is allergic to one of the substances used in the composition.

Therefore, it is worth warning: before taking any type of medicine, even if natural, seek medical advice. In addition to clarifying the benefits and needs for your body, he will be able to prescribe the ideal dosage so that your health is not harmed.