The juniper tea works as an antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, diuretic, soothing, antirreumatismal, digestive, carminative and appetizer.

In practice, this means that it is an ally for people who suffer from acne , skin irritation, cellulite, insomnia , hyperactivity, nervousness and depression . Other problems can be alleviated such as stomach acidity, bad breath, asthma, bronchitis and bloating.

However, some people do not find it easy to find the berries in their region. But that does not prevent you from using other means that market the product . See some options:

Where to buy juniper tea

Sensis store

This online store sells juniper seeds that can be grown at home. According to the website, these seeds found inside the juniper fruits can be used as a seasoning, condiment or flavoring. Regarding medicinal properties, they fight uric acid, are expectorant, antiseptic and eliminate gas. 50g are sold for R$ 6.90.

Link to purchase at Sensis store

American stores

In this virtual store, juniper tea is sold in a sachet with 30g at the price of R$ 2.90. The product’s indications, according to the store, are that juniper is “tonic, diuretic, digestive, antiseptic, effective in chronic renal failure, against kidney stones, chronic bronchitis, rheumatism, psoriasis and as a sweating agent”.

The link to buy at Lojas Americanas


Also sold at Shoptime’s online store, Juniper tea costs R$ 2.90 with 30g. The seller recommends that one spoon (tablespoon) be added to each liter of water. Then just leave it on the fire for 7 or 10 minutes, after the drink comes to a boil. After this time, cover the pan and leave for another 10 minutes to settle. Strain and drink between meals.

The link to purchase on Shoptime


Juniper tea can be purchased at Submarino for R$ 2.90, a 30g package. Information on the portal reveals that juniper belongs to the cupressaceae family. It is a plant that, in most cases, does not reach a meter in height. It originates in Europe and is widely used as a herbal drink.

The link to buy in Submarino