Catnip is a medicinal plant that is also named after catnip, catnip, catnip, and field balm. The leaves of the catfish can be used as ingredients in a beneficial tea or can be consumed  fresh to relieve headaches and toothaches.The drink treats allergy problems, prevents the occurrence of stomach spasms, bronchitis, chickenpox, diarrhea, colic, helps the body to eliminate gases trapped in the digestive tract and intestines and controls excessive sweating and perspiration in the human body.

Cattilla tea is also known for its great natural calming power, arthritis, anxiety, amenorrhea, measles, hives, bruises, dislocations, dyspepsia, movement disorders, dysmenorrhea and hiccups.

The infusion of the plant is also a great way to alleviate fever problems, as it helps to stimulate the production of sweat. In addition to being used in the form of tea and  in natura , the leaves of the catfish can also be used for bathing, helping to relieve muscle tension, nervousness and cramps.

catnip tea


-5 g of dehydrated cathartic;
-200 ml of water

preparation mode

Boil the water and add the catnip leaves. Simmer for another 3 minutes, turn off the heat and smother the container for about 10 minutes. Strain the drink before consuming it.