Hibiscus and horsetail herbs have numerous health benefits . But when used together, the drink is mainly for those who want to lose weight in a healthy way.

The combination of herbs helps to increase the metabolism, the fat absorption process and also helps to reduce problems such as fluid retention, often responsible for uncomfortable abdominal fat.

The result of healthy weight loss will be even more satisfying and effective if it is associated with a diet prescribed by a nutritionist and a daily practice of physical exercise.

Hibiscus and horsetail tea

Mixing horsetail with hibiscus, in addition to reducing fluid retention and speeding up metabolism, also improves the digestion process and even regulates the intestinal flora .

Hibiscus is an excellent source of anthocyanin, which has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. 

Anthocyanin prevents the body from storing toxins that can be harmful to health and for burning calories.

Like the hibiscus, the horsetail also helps keep your metabolism accelerated and burn calories. In addition, the herb is a natural diuretic , preventing fluid retention and contributing to the elimination of harmful toxins.

The herb also has an antioxidant effect, also helping to reduce dermis problems such as cellulite.

How to prepare tea


  • 5 scoops of hibiscus;
  • 3 spoons of mackerel;
  • 1 liter of water.

Method of preparation

Put the water on the fire and add the two herbs. Once boiled, leave the container muffled until it warms.

Strain the drink before consuming it and do not add any sweetener tops. Consume hibiscus tea with horsetail at least 30 minutes before main meals.

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Benefits of Hibiscus Tea

But herbs aren’t just useful for the weight loss process; hibiscus tea, for example, also has several other health benefits.

Drinking is an excellent way to improve blood circulation. It lowers cholesterol, controls blood pressure , is a natural antidepressant , anti-inflammatory and antibacterial.

The herb also has properties that help in  providing energy to neurons, it is rich in calcium and vitamins C, B1 and B2.

Benefits of Horsetail Tea

Horsetail has astringent, anti-inflammatory and detoxifying effects and is rich in nutrients such as calcium and potassium.

The herb fights cellulite, strengthens nails and hair and  regulates blood pressure . It also treats anemia , ulcers, headaches, anxiety, stress, kidney and gallbladder stones, rheumatism and sagging skin and muscles .


Pregnant and lactating women should avoid the consumption of herbs, as it can damage the health of the fetus and also the mother.

People who have low blood pressure problems should consume hibiscus tea with horsetail only under the supervision of a specialist.

The drink must not be consumed in excess. It is best to drink at most three cups of tea, preferably before main meals.