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Benefits and properties of malvarisco tea

by Dianna Leon

Malvarisco, scientific name lthaea officinalis , is a plant with medicinal properties. Also known as hollyhock, bream, gilthead, velvet, among others. It is widely used in home medicine in all regions of Brazil, being considered stimulant, emetic, sweating.


The plant can also be used to control dysentery, bronchial catarrh, lung affections, gonorrhea and bladder infections – cystitis. When used in the form of tincture of the bark, it can be used in the South of the country as a cardiac tonic, while the bark of branches and leaves are considered diuretic and hypotensive.

This vegetable is also indicated in the treatment of lung affections, bronchitis, indigestion, bladder pain, sore throat, cough and other inflammation when used as an infusion. When applied externally, it is effective in treating chronic ulcers and softening tumors. It can also be used as an energy depurative and emollient, and can help in the treatment of syphilitic diseases. It also has hypotensive, cardiotonic and diuretic action.

The tea made with the leaves, flowers and roots of the malvarisco has a calming action and can be used against anxiety, anxiety, depression and other related conditions.

How to prepare the infusion

To prepare, separate:

the liter of water

20 g of chopped leaves

In a container, put the water and bring to fire. When it starts to boil, add the leaves already washed and chopped. Let stand covered for approximately 15 minutes or until warm. Then strain and consume. The recommended dose is four to five cups a day.

throat tea

To prepare, place five tablespoons of the chopped marshmallow leaves in a container and set aside. Afterwards, bring a cup of water to the fire and wait until it reaches the boiling point. When this occurs, add the leaves and cover, leaving it to rest in a muffled state until it becomes warm, or for a period of approximately 10 to 15 minutes. When warm, strain and consume.

How to use: Daily, until the symptoms disappear, gargle for three minutes, letting the liquid touch the throat. Repeat the process four times a day for as many days as necessary. If symptoms do not improve, seek medical advice.

Important!  It is essential that you always consult a health care professional before consuming any medication, even if it is natural, as even plants have drug interactions.

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