A typically tropical country, Brazil is a perfect place to enjoy delicious cold and refreshing drinks. And many of them can be prepared at home and without industrialized elements and/or harmful to health. And even better: without generating high expenses for your pocket.

So, one of those delicious iced and homemade drinks is iced tea. It is refreshing and endowed with a special striking flavor capable of infecting anyone willing to drink it. However, the recipe for this drink must be prepared with extreme care so that there are no errors in the preparation capable of compromising the flavor of the tea.

Step by step so you don’t make mistakes when preparing iced tea


Three tea bags to taste
200 ml water
One slice of lemon
2 to 4 teaspoons sugar
100 ml lemon juice
One sprig of peppermint

Preparation mode:

Take a glass container and add the tea bags and water into it. Prepare tea as usual. When noticing that it has already absorbed the flavor of the herb, remove the bags and discard them and sweeten the drink right away.

Once this is done, put the lemon juice in the tea, mix it and, soon after, take the tea to the fridge and refrigerate for 60 minutes. After this time, cut the mint into very small pieces and scrape them into the beverage container.

Then take the lemon slice and place it over the cup or cup, take the tea to the fridge for another 60 minutes and then drink or serve. If you like, you can also add some lemon slices inside the tea.