Morning mood is something that is not related to the daily lives of many people, especially when it comes to that uncontrollable urge to stay in bed, under the covers. But to solve this problem, nature offers a range of possibilities, it’s enough to know the benefits of each plant and take advantage of all the energy it can offer. And if this energy comes with the preparation of tea, there is no greater facility.For starters, some teas are known to be used as natural energizers. They improve mood, concentration, creativity, in addition to offering a natural freshness to the palate. Breakfast, considered the most important meal of the day, is where the body finds a way to replenish all the nutrients lost during the night. The meal also stimulates your metabolism, helping to increase energy to keep your brain alert throughout the rest of the day.

It is important to remember that only the use of energy teas in the morning does not work a miracle. In order for your body to be able to absorb the best that each herb can offer, it is good to think of the body as a machine that needs maintenance and care. Sleeping and eating well are the first factors that contribute to well-being. Then comes regular physical activity. Even if it’s a quick walk, it’s worth doing.

Consuming at least two liters of water a day also helps in the pursuit of quality of life. Avoiding the consumption of alcohol, cigarettes, sugar and salt in excess also helps a lot. Following some of these tips, then yes, the use of energy tea will take effect, bringing more energy, energy and concentration to your days.

Substances and energy values

To find out how much each substance helps in the search for energy and morning mood, here is a list with the main ones:

Black tea – is a drink rich in caffeine for keeping the mind alert and fatigue away;

Indian tea – provides concentration and creativity in the right dose, as it acts on brain stimulation;

Mustard tea, fennel and cinnamon – combining the properties of three ingredients, the drink gives energy and helps treat muscle pain for athletes;

Mallow tea – has nutrients responsible for relieving pain and the feeling of body weakness, acting to combat the lack of physical and mental energy.

morning energizing tea


1 (bag) of black (or green) tea
2 (branches) of mint
Honey, brown sugar or sweetener

Preparation mode

Bring the water, equivalent to a mug, to a boil. In the meantime, wash the mint sprigs well under running water. Then place the black or green tea bag and mint sprigs in a mug. Then pour the boiling water. In order to keep the flavors and freshness of the substances, it is important to leave the drink to brew for five minutes. Use honey, sugar or sweetener if you prefer.