As much as it is important to know which herbs to use properly for each type of tea, it is also necessary to understand the correct way to prepare this drink, such as preparation using a kettle, which is one of the oldest and most traditional methods for the preparation of teas.

Boiling water to fill the container

Initially, you should boil the ideal amount of water to fill the entire kettle. When you notice that the water has boiled, turn off the stove and leave the kettle covered.

adding the herb

To add the herb to the kettle, use a tea bag or even the herb leaves measured in teaspoons. It is important that this step is started and completed with the water being boiled. Adding herbs to water that has already been “reheated” can interfere with the final taste of the drink.

setting the tea

After placing the herb in the boiled water, let the kettle rest for seven minutes so that the tea can settle and take on flavor.

After time, strain the tea (in case you are using the herb leaf itself instead of a sachet) and add milk or sugar or honey to sweeten the drink and then drink or serve.

If you are not going to make the complete consumption of the prepared liquid all at once, leave the rest of the tea stored in the kettle and place a damper over it.