Growing herbs and vegetables at home is more common than you think. The ease of adaptation and the frequency with which they are used in cooking, makes the natural use of plants add even more flavor to food. For tea fanatics, some plants can also be grown in small spaces in the home gardens, just taking the right care for it to grow strong and healthy. The most common type among teas, the plant from which green tea is extracted is an excellent option to start growing.Green tea is a healthy drink made from the oxidized leaves of the plant Camellia sinensis. A curiosity in the process of preparing the leaves is that black tea is also obtained from the same species of plant. In green tea, the leaves are preserved the way they are extracted, whereas in black tea, they go through a process where heat is used to deactivate the enzymes responsible for the chlorophyll process, which gives the plants their green color.

For the plant to grow strong and healthy, it is important that it is cultivated in regions where the temperature varies between 18 and 30 degrees. For the plant to grow to the point that you start using the leaves to make tea, it takes about three years. That’s why patience must be an indispensable ally in the cultivation process.

How to grow green tea

To successfully grow the plant, you must choose a healthy specimen to make the seedlings. They are easily found in nurses or stores specializing in plant marketing. Choose a sunny, clear area with good soil drainage. This area must be away from other species or trees, with a distance of three meters. Prepare the trench three to four times wider than the diameter of the vessel and three times deeper.

After the plant is deposited, fill the ditch with the soil extracted from the site. Then water a little. It is recommended to put some sawdust around the root to help absorb moisture. Apply a dry mix of fertilizer for young plants, increasing the rate of growth. Reapply fertilizer every 60 days during the summer. This will help the plant to grow strong and healthy. Water the plant frequently, keeping the soil around it always moist.

Green Tea Benefits

It is no longer news to anyone how rich in health benefits the green tea herb is. It helps with weight loss, bowel regulation, fluid retention fights, stress relieves, and reduced risk of cardiovascular and respiratory diseases. Its consumption is indicated, mainly, in the morning or at night, before going to sleep, as it contains antioxidant properties, slowing down cell aging.