A plant of the Aquifoliaceae family and whose scientific name is Ilex aquifolium, holly is also known as spiny myrtle. It is a medium-sized tree, reaching a maximum of 15 meters in height.

She has defined sexuality, getting female and male bushes. Faced with so many parts, such as roots, stems, leaves and flowers, its medicinal properties can be found in its rhizomes. Find it out!

Properties and benefits of this plant

Astringent and analgesic, these are the two main properties that can be conferred with the consumption of holly. For these reasons, the plant is able to treat various disorders that affect the body, such as liver problems, colic, fever, dyspepsia and hysteria. In addition, the herb is indicated for the treatment of diseases of the stomach, intestines and bones, such as rheumatism.

holly tea

The drink made with this plant is made through two processes, boiling and infusion. So, first you need to add a handful of holly rhizome to a liter of water and put it on the fire. Then let it boil for five minutes. After the specified time, turn off the heat and keep the container closed for another 10 minutes.

After the infusion process, strain the liquid and drink a cup two or three times during the day. It is important to emphasize that the leftovers from this preparation should not be kept, neither inside nor outside the refrigerator, for more than a day. This is because tea can lose its properties and benefits over time. Therefore, preserve well and consume during the day.

health care

Can be seen, holly tea, if prepared correctly and consciously ingested, can bring several health benefits. However, excessive drinking can cause intoxication in the body, especially in the digestive system, affecting the intestines and stomach. Thus, a patient may experience vomiting, cramping, nausea, diarrhea and abdominal pain.

Another point that deserves to be highlighted is the contraindication for this remedy, as even though it is natural, it can negatively interfere in the body of some people. This is the case with pregnant women, nursing mothers and children under 12 years of age. In all these situations, the best choice is to seek medically supervised treatments.