Sickness, especially in the morning, is a constant reality in the lives of approximately three million pregnant Brazilians. In more serious cases, future mothers even lose weight for not being able to retain food in the stomach, even causing dehydration. Mom, nutritionist Bela Gil discovered on her YouTube channel a homemade solution to alleviate discomfort, a natural and effective recipe.

Tea to fight morning sickness

Lemon, being a citrus fruit, increases the acidity of the pregnant woman’s body and facilitates digestion – thus reducing the symptoms of malaise. Along with ginger, which is as effective as pyridoxine in fighting nausea during pregnancy, it makes an excellent tea for this problem that affects so many mothers.

To make this infusion, squeeze a small lemon and bring its juice to a boil for a few minutes with a teacup of water and a few pieces of ginger. Remove from heat, strain and let the drink cool before drinking.

Be aware of contraindications

In many cases, pregnant and lactating women are prohibited from using teas, especially if there is no medical follow-up indicating which beverages can or cannot be consumed. With this in mind, it is vitally important to talk to your obstetrician about using tea to treat nausea.

In some cases, ginger can be harmful to the baby’s development in the first few months of pregnancy. More serious situations point to the risk of having a miscarriage caused by consuming ginger if the mother has a history of high blood pressure or vascular problems such as blood clotting. The recommendation, however, is to talk to your doctor about natural methods for wellness.

Ending nausea in everyday life

  • Eat fractionated meals. In early pregnancy, digestion slows down, contributing to nausea and the expulsion ingested food.
  • Do not go for long periods without eating, this promotes the feeling of nausea. Do not eat right before bedtime, as sleep slows down our metabolism.
  • Eat crackers of water and salt before getting out of bed, as an empty stomach is the gateway to seasickness. Drink lots of water.
  • Keep a journal listing all the foods that make you sick. That way it will be easier to avoid them.