Women’s bladders are poorly protected from the outside world, because the female urethra is approximately 2.50 centimeters long. Which is to say that it is subject to bacteria that are deposited on underwear, in the swimming pool, in the public restroom, etc., these germs make the internal ducts an easy access for the infection. In addition, bladder inflammation is associated with excessive consumption of caffeine and alcohol, continued stress, nutrient-poor diets, and even later stages of pregnancy.

To stop this problem, the best solution is to eliminate as much liquid as possible. Despite being a painful technique, since urination can burn the patient, it is the most effective way. Therefore, doctors advise drinking plenty of water. Teas can also act in this direction, one of the most suitable is barley.

Infusion to eliminate bladder infection


  • Half a cup (tea) of barley;
  • One liter of water;
  • One teaspoon of powdered ginger;
  • One tablespoon of powdered echinacea;
  • One tablespoon of turmeric powder;
  • Two drops of lavender oil.

Preparation mode

Heat a pan of water and barley and simmer for 40 minutes. Strain the mixture and reserve the cooked barley for breakfast or use it in other recipes. With the boiling liquid, return to the stove and add the ginger, echinacea and turmeric. Allow it to boil for another 20 minutes and carefully strain the drink. The tip is that there are no solid elements floating around.

In a cup, put the tea and wait for it to cool, add the lavender oil and stir. The taste may not be to your liking, so if you prefer, add lemon juice or honey to escape the bitter taste. Another suggestion is to have on hand a sugar-free raspberry juice, to counteract the flavor of the natural remedy.

How to drink?

The ideal is to drink a cup of this tea three times a day. When preparing in the morning, you can reserve the rest in the refrigerator and drink it during the day. However, you should not drink a liquid stored for more than two days, as it is no longer effective.

If the patient follows the prescription and the method of use correctly, and the symptoms persist after two days of treatment, the doctor should be consulted.