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Tea for kidney stones

by Dianna Leon

Also known as kidney stones, kidney stones are formed when there is a high concentration of some urine components, such as uric acid, calcium, phosphorus and cystine, so that these substances aggregate in the form of crystals. Normally, these are removed from the body by the natural flow of urine, but in some situations they can adhere to the kidney tissue or be in regions where they cannot escape naturally. Starting with a small size, these can eventually grow to the size of an olive pit, for example.

Why does it happen?

Kidney stones happen due to multiple factors that act together. More common in men between 30 and 50 years – not excluding women or other ages – the stones appear more often in people who live in hot places or in the summer months, as there is a faster dehydration making the urine more concentrated. In addition, some genetic disorders such as gout, cystinuria and primary hyperoxaluria, in addition to cases of utologic stones in the family predispose an individual to have kidney stones. Influencing factors can also be metabolic disorders such as endocrine and intestinal kidney problems – which increase the amount of calcium and oxalate in the blood and urine –, incorrect use of medications, urinary infections, low consumption of fluids and eating disorders.

How to prevent and treat?

Prevention is directly linked to healthy daily habits such as exercise, healthy diet and water intake. Essentially, you need to increase the amount of fluids and control your use of salt. Treatment must be carried out under medical supervision, who must analyze whether the case can be resolved naturally or must undergo surgical procedures. There are some natural medicines, such as teas, that can help with the treatment.

Tea to treat kidney stones

Artichoke, citron grass, rock breakers, corn hair and marsh cane

This multi-herbal tea is effective in eliminating kidney stones, as well as treating other kidney problems. To prepare, add the same proportion of all herbs in a pot and mix well. Put three tablespoons of the compost in a liter of water and heat. When the mixture comes to a boil, turn off and cover, leaving it to rest in a sweltering state for approximately ten minutes. Strain and consume warm or iced with or without sweetener. It is recommended to consume three to four cups a day.

In addition, other herbs can be helpful in the treatment and prevention of stones such as corn hair, leather hat, avocado leaf and stone breaker. We remember, however, that medical monitoring is essential to analyze the development of stones and the best form of treatment.

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