The way we eat and act on a daily basis reflects on our internal health. Some diseases such as cystitis, nephritis and uric acid are examples of reactions caused by lack of care in food, hygiene or even bad habits. But, there is a natural remedy capable of treating these illnesses. Before getting to know it, let’s understand better about each of these diseases.

Cystitis: causes, symptoms and treatments

Usually by the bacteria Escherichia coli, cystitis is an infection that affects the bladder, but it can be caused by other microorganisms. Men and women of all ages are likely to develop this disease. However, the highest incidence of cases are in females, considering that the characteristics of the women’s bodies favor this incidence, such as the smaller size of the urethra (when compared to men) and because it is closer to the anus. 

The patient who has cystitis feels the need to go to the bathroom very often and with each urination there is little elimination of urine. In the act of urinating, the person also feels burning, pain in the bladder and sometimes the pee is accompanied by blood. There may still be cases of fever. Diagnosis is made with the aid of exams prescribed by a specialist.

Treatment requires the use of antibiotics and changes in behavior, such as drinking more water per day, urinating more often, redoubling care with personal hygiene, stopping smoking, alcohol, spices and caffeine, etc.

Nephritis, a kidney infection

If the patient is urinating little, with a reddish substance or even blood, with swelling in the eyes or legs, losing appetite, feeling nausea, vomiting, fatigue and cramps, it is essential to have a doctor. In these cases, the diagnosis can be nephritis, a disease that affects the kidneys and can be acute or chronic.

The treatments indicated for these cases are complete rest, blood pressure control and care with excess salt. In addition, the healthcare professional can prescribe antibiotics or anti-inflammatory drugs so that the patient can have a faster and more efficient recovery.

Excess uric acid

Uric acid is naturally formed by the body in the breakdown of some foods, such as meat, beans or shellfish. It is then filtered by the kidneys and eliminated from the human body. However, when there is a kidney problem and the kidneys cannot perform their filter function, this substance is concentrated in high amounts and end up causing inflammation in the joints, called gout.

In addition to being uncomfortable, this disease causes swelling, redness and makes it difficult for the patient to move around. Uric acid is also responsible for the development of kidney stones. The treatment is based on laboratory remedies, prescribed by the doctor.

Tea: natural treatment against cystitis, nephritis and excess uric acid


  • One teaspoon of chopped cery root;
  • One teaspoon of chopped cery stalk;
  • A cup of water tea;
  • Lemon or honey to taste.

Method of preparation and consumption

Pour the celery roots and stalks into a bowl filled with water and leave on low heat until the ingredients are cooked. Then strain and let it warm. The taste is not very pleasant, so to improve the flavor add lemon juice or honey to the drink. To obtain a satisfactory result against these diseases, drink three cups of this tea a day and repeat the treatment for as long as necessary.