The virgaurea , whose scientific name is Solidago virgaurea L., is also called stick-of-gold. In other languages, the plant is known as goldrute (German), golden rod (English), verga d’oro (Italian) and verge d’or, solidago (French).

She is a native of Europe, Africa, Asia and North America. Its flowering takes place between July and October.

Goldenrod is composed of flavonoids, saponins, quercetin, camphor oil and phenolic glycosides. The parts used to make virgaurea tea are the stem, leaves and flowers. These substances are considered diuretics and fight bladder inflammation, kidney stones, fungus and spasms.

Its use is also indicated for people with Candida, which is a fungus that can appear in the vagina or mouth. Some indications indicate that it also acts on fragile hair and has astringent and stimulating power. People who have a lot of canker sores also make external use of the golden stick.

The flowers of the virgaurea or goldenrod do not have a strong flavor, nor do they act harshly on the body. For this reason, its tea or extract is even suitable for children’s use .

Indications and how to make virgaurea tea

In cases such as diarrhea , the ideal is to take 10g of the flower and boil it in half a liter of water. After that, wait six hours to be able to take it, after straining. Virgaurea tea can be taken up to three cups a day.

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If your problem is uric acid , make one or two tablespoons of the plant’s flowers in a quart of water. You should bring the mixture to a boil and only drink it after the tea has matured after a few minutes. The recommended dosage is that it does not exceed three cups per day.

Virgaurea for women’s health

Women also use the golden rod, all because of its action to purify the interior of our body, especially female infections.

Virgaurea for the good age

Given its main indication, which is to fight urinary infections , the tea or extract of virgaurea or gold valley is also an herbal remedy for elderly people, who suffer a lot from this type of health problem.

Virgaurea to lose weight

The strong diuretic characteristic makes the substances present in the composition of this plant help to remove the swelling from the body . This is great for people who suffer from fluid retention or who also want to lose weight.

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But it is worth remembering that pregnant women, lactating women, elderly people with fragile health and children up to six years old need to see a doctor to receive the release for consumption of virgaurea tea.