Nails are susceptible to contamination by invading microorganisms, especially fungi. This fact, in addition to being bothersome, also causes a certain embarrassment, considering that ringworm can change the color of the nail, leaving it loose and with a weakened appearance.

For these reasons, when a patient finds himself in this situation, he can resort to different types of treatments, including natural ones, made with herbal teas.

With properties ranging from stimulants, antibiotics and curatives, the following tips will “say goodbye” to nail fungus once and for all.

olive leaf tea

Famous for their antibiotic properties, olive leaves can eliminate the fungus found in nails. To do this, just prepare a tea with the dried leaves of the plant. This drink can be used internally or externally, being beneficial and effective in any form of treatment. Thus, it can be ingested up to three cups a day or the tea can be applied to the affected area.

pau d’arco tea

In this case, the healing properties of the plant are found in the bark of the trunk of this tree and not in the leaves, as is the case with olive tea.

So, when the patient uses this tea, he can strengthen the immune system and still have the ability to eliminate microorganisms. The drink can also be used in two ways, both internally and externally.

However, in both cases the preparation of the tea is the same, just place the crushed husk in a cup of hot water and wait five minutes. Then strain and drink or use the liquid to soak the diseased nails.

Echinacea tea

In addition to the beauty of the flowers, echinacea is a plant rich in antibiotic properties. For this reason, it can be useful in fighting the causative agents of this nail problem.

Its use as tea should be done in a restricted way, considering that, over time, the body can become immune to the plant’s properties. Therefore, it is not recommended to exceed consumption for more than two weeks in a row.

black walnut tea

Topically used, black walnut is an excellent agent against parasites, including fungi. Therefore, whoever wants to use this method to treat a problem caused by these microorganisms through the properties and benefits of this type of nut, just prepare a tea with these ingredients and apply it to the affected area. Repeating the process two to three times a day, especially in the morning and before bed.