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Thousand Men’s Vine Tea – Benefits and properties

by Dianna Leon

Curiosity is unavoidable when one hears for the first time about the vine thousand men plant. No, it doesn’t look like a thousand men, but its medicinal properties make it very effective for treating thousands of people. For this reason Carlos Chagas, a renowned sanitarist, used it to treat thousands of railway workers who were contaminated with malaria, naming the plant then the vine of a thousand men. As a vine, it commonly curls up on trees for support, and can be recognized by its herbaceous leaves with woody stems and slender branches. Depending on the region, it can be popularly known as cassaú, buta, jarrinha, turkey papo, duckling, arostoloquia, among many other names.


The main properties arising from the consumption of vine tea by a thousand men are: antiseptic, diuretic, sedative, digestive, stomach, antifebrile and analgesic.

Benefits and indications

The tea from the vine plant of a thousand men is indicated to alleviate and treat ailments such as: convulsions; asthma; gastrointestinal disorders; flatulence; fever; diarrhea; snake and insect bites; epilepsy; rashes; menstrual and kidney cramps; heart disorders; worms; heartburn and poor digestion; depression, insomnia and anxiety; kidney disorders; syphilis; strong viruses; drop; dropsy; neuralgia, among other problems.

It is important to point out that, in addition to the benefits already mentioned, the consumption of its tea helps with weight loss, as its diuretic properties increase the amount of liquid eliminated, ” in the body. that the urine also eliminates various bacteria and toxins.

Contraindications and side effects

The consumption of tea from the vine plant of a thousand men is completely contraindicated for pregnant women, as it has abortive properties. People who suffer from high blood pressure or liver problems should also avoid their consumption. Furthermore, it is a highly toxic plant, to the point that in the past it was used by the Indians to poison the arrowheads they would shoot at their enemies. So, before starting any treatment, seek medical advice, demand follow-up and do not consume the vine tea of ​​a thousand men for more than 30 days.

How to prepare?

You will find the crushed and dried plant in pharmacies and health food stores, ready to be prepared. Don’t risk picking something straight from nature without being sure it’s the plant you’re really thinking about. Well, bring a liter of water to the fire with two tablespoons of the herb and let it boil for ten minutes. After this period, strain and drink the vine tea of ​​a thousand men twice a day.

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