Identified as a plant of the umbellifera family, dill, also known as dill and dill, is used to increase the volume of milk in nursing mothers. What’s more, the plant also fights some other common human diseases. Dill has some characteristics that allow for easy identification. Its leaves are aromatic, plumose, with thread-like segments in a blue-green color. The flowers are small, aromatic, and yellow, arranged in the shape of a parasol, blooming in mid-summer. For natural medicine, the part of the plant used is the seeds. They can be used to make tea as they are rich in antispasmodic, bacteriostatic, antidyspeptic, digestive, carminative, diuretic, relaxing, and sedative properties.

Indications for using dill and How to use dill seeds for milk production?

The main use of the plant is among mothers since dill tea stimulates milk production. However, it can also be used in other treatments. Dill fights flatulence, works as a natural sleeping aid, relieves eye inflammation, treats boils, aids digestion, is healthy for the liver, and combats intestinal cramps.

Dill tea

To make dill tea, you will need 200 ml of water and two teaspoons of dill seeds. The first step is to bring the water to a boil. Once it reaches the boiling point, turn off the heat.

Put the dill seeds in a cup, pouring in the water afterward. Cover and let it flow for 10 minutes. Afterward, remove the seeds, and the tea is ready to be ingested. If you prefer, you can use a little honey to sweeten it.

Pay attention not to drink too much of the drink. It is recommended that the treatment with dill does not exceed three cups daily.


People allergic to some substances need to be a little careful, especially if you will harvest dill. In contact with the skin, the juice from the newly harvested plant can develop photodermatosis.

Another precaution that must also be taken is the consumption of tea. It can increase sodium in the body, so it is recommended that people who have this problem use the plant sparingly.

The best thing to do, before using the natural benefits of the plant, consult your doctor. Only he can assure you that this is the best solution for your health.