Urinary tract infections are much more common in women than in men. One in five women is affected by this disorder at least once a year. Usually, the problem is a combination of cystitis (bladder infection) and urethritis (urethra infection). This is because bacteria from the anal region pass into the urethra, usually during sexual intercourse. This type of illness occurs more often after menopause, as the tissue in the vagina and urethra becomes thinner and more prone to infection.Symptoms of such illness are fever, burning during urination, feeling that the bladder is always full, and frequent need to urinate. The treatment, most of the time, is done with antibiotics, prescribed by the specialist doctor. Natural medicine also has some teas that can help as a complement to the treatment. One of the greatest allies in combating this disease is water. Try to drink a lot of this liquid, on average a glass per hour, as it will remove bacteria and dilute the urine, making it less irritating.

garlic tea

Garlic contains powerful antibacterial actives, which fight the germs that cause urinary tract infections. Peel some fresh teeth, squeeze them well and place them in an infusion of hot water for five minutes. You can also prepare the drink with a teaspoon of dehydrated garlic and mix it in hot water.

nettle tea

Nettle is a diuretic and therefore increases urine output, thus helping to eliminate bacteria from the urinary system. Use a teaspoon of the dried herb and steep in a cup of hot water. Have a cup a day.

Echinacea tea

This plant has properties that stimulate the immune system to fight infection and, at the same time, increase fluid intake. You can take the herb bags and make the tea, or make an infusion with two teaspoons of the fresh root. Drink three cups a day.

lovage tea

Make a lovage tea (member of the carrot family) by pouring a cup of boiling water over two teaspoons of finely chopped dried root. Let it sit for 10 minutes, then strain and drink. This herb has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial assets.