The Brazilian flora is rich in plants with medicinal capabilities, but not everyone is aware of this. An example of an herb that is very beneficial to the organism is grown love, which has its origins in Tropical America, that is, it can be easily found in the United States, Antilles, Mexico, the Caribbean and in South America, including Brazil.

Belonging to the family of Portulacaceae, this plant can be used to treat internal and external body problems.

Properties and Benefits of Grown Love

The great function of this herb in the body is to fight fever. However, the analgesic function that this plant has in a natural way is also highlighted, eliminating pains that affect all parts of the body.

Grown love is also indicated to strengthen the kidney functions and that is why it is considered a diuretic. In addition to these benefits, this home remedy works as a hepatoprotective and healing agent.

It has antidiarrheal action and is a plant rich in several vitamins, such as A, B1, B2 and C. Other functions attributed to grown love are the treatments for erysipelas, wounds and burns.

How to make and prepare tea?

The infusion of grown love is beneficial to the body both externally and internally. For example, make a tea with a handful of dried plant leaves in half a liter of water.

After the tea is ready, you can drink it up to twice a day or apply it to the external wounds of the body. In this last alternative it is possible to make a poultice with the herb’s own cooked leaves.

Contraindications and recommendations

The consumption of grown love should be avoided by pregnant women, nursing mothers and children under 12 years old. This is because the plant has substances that can be harmful to the body of children who are in the development period.

Consumption also needs to be moderated by young people and adults, considering that high doses of the drink can intoxicate the body, cause allergies or provoke other reactions.

In addition, it is always worth noting that this natural medicine does not replace medical care. So, whoever wants to recover from a health problem must first consult with a specialist. Then, after knowing the diagnosis, find out if it is possible to use the infusion of this plant in the treatment.