Perfect on cold days and necessary on hot days: that’s how teas are. To drink a cup of some kind of infusion it is not necessary to wait for the weather to cool down or get sick, but to have a good opportunity to enjoy more flavor with friends or even alone. The types of herbs beneficial to the body are numerous and many others are being studied. The explosion of flavors and medicinal properties is only growing, for this reason we have separated recipes for teas that can be made quickly and easily.

10 tea recipes

1. Banana tea – high blood pressure

In a cup, place half a mashed and peeled banana, a teaspoon and a half of green tea, and a cup and a half of boiling water. Then cover the container and wait for approximately five minutes. After the set time, wait for the drink to cool and the tea will be ready to taste and act beneficially on your body.

2. Peanut and ginger tea – Promoting well-being

If you want a rejuvenated body and away from daily fatigue, this delicious tea is ideal for you. Preparing it is easy, just put six slices of ginger, 20 chopped peanuts in their shell and two teaspoons of black tea in a container. Then, just add three glasses of hot water and let the substance rest covered for five minutes. If you wish, you can wait for the drink to cool down or savor it slowly.

3. Oolong tea – To lose weight

Losing a few pounds quickly and healthy is possible by taking Oolong tea daily. For this, take four teaspoons of green Oolong tea and place in a kettle, then add three cups of boiled water. Wait for the mixture to stand closed for five minutes and then enjoy the benefits. The tip is to drink this drink three times a day.

4. Lemon and honey tea – Relief for the throat

In addition to being tasty, this recipe relieves dry or irritated throat. The way to prepare this tea is simple, use the juice of half a lemon, two teaspoons of black tea and honey to taste. Then add three cups of boiling water and let the mixture steep for approximately five minutes. Then just consume.

5. Chive and Ginger Tea – Relief from constipation

Constipation is the same as the famous constipation, and it can be eliminated with this tea. To prepare it, just put in a container five slices of ginger, two slices of chives, two teaspoons of green tea and a pinch of salt. Afterwards, add three glasses of boiled water and let the mixture rest for five minutes. You can drink it slowly or wait for it to cool and ingest at once.

6. Rice Vinegar Tea – Eliminates Bowel Pain

In an empty container, place three teaspoons of green tea, three cups of boiled water, and four teaspoons of rice vinegar. Then wait for the mixture to steep for five minutes. You can drink immediately with large gulps or wait for it to cool down, to drink more calmly and enjoy the drink better.

7. Green Rose Tea – Fights Stress

The day to day causes a lot of anxiety and stress, so, to solve such problems, green rose tea seems to be the ideal solution. If you want to prepare it, know what you’ll need: 30 washed rosebuds, two teaspoons of green tea and three cups of hot water. Then add all the ingredients to a container, cover and let the mixture sit for five minutes. Then just drink.

8. Tomato tea – Stimulates the appetite

There are people who want to lose weight, others, however, want to gain a few extra pounds. For this, it is necessary to increase the appetite, a stimulus that tomato tea is capable of providing. If you want to consume it, just use 1/4 of the tomato, plus two teaspoons of green tea and three cups of water in a container. Heat the ingredients, add a pinch of sugar and bring to a boil. Finish by removing the tomato and drinking a cup of tea after cooling.

9. Lychee and plum tea – Restores energy levels

In a lidded container, add a fresh lychee, a pickled plum, a teaspoon of sugar, a slice of ginger, a teaspoon of black tea and a cup and a half of boiled water. Close and allow to infuse for five minutes. Then mix well and drink. The tip is not to exceed the dosage of two cups per week.

10. White radish tea – Stops the cough

Cut a piece of white radish, peel it and wash it well before using in the recipe. Place in a kettle along with a pinch of salt, two teaspoons of Oolong tea and three cups of boiled water. Let the mixture sit for five minutes and drink it right away. The tip is not to exaggerate the size of the radish, as it has a strong taste.