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Aromatic calamus: tea with medicinal properties

by Dianna Leon

For centuries, aromatic calamus has been used as tea, as it contains numerous benefits. It is a plant of the araceae family and that grows near the banks of rivers throughout North America, Europe and Asia. It is between 60 to 150 centimeters tall and has an underground trunk.

As the name implies, the plant has a good smell, reminiscent of tangerine, but has a bitter taste. To obtain positive results, it is necessary to make a calamus tea or chew it in its best form, that is, raw.


Benefits of Calamus Tea

The tea produced with the aromatic calamus serves to potentiate the functions of the stomach, facilitating heavy digestion and working to help with the shortage of gastric juice, thus preventing chronic gastritis. Also related to diseases related to the digestive system, the plant serves to reduce halitosis, a disease known for bad breath. The infusion also alleviates flatulence, vomiting and gases present in the digestive tract.

In addition, calamus has a tonic function, used as a muscle relaxant, as it is antispasmodic. It calms the nervous system, serving as a stimulant of happy sensations and has euphoric effects. It also has properties that offer you the option of an phrodisiac, increasing your libido.

It is also a great agent for fighting diseases that attack the urinary system, such as hyperazotemia, when there is very serious kidney failure. It also has a diuretic function, increasing the degree of urinary flow.

And the benefits do not stop, the tea made from the aromatic calamus alleviates rickets, reduces swelling and ends jaundice, which are spots on the skin. It also acts as an excellent agent in the fight against bronchitis and catarrh.

making tea

To obtain the desired results for each of these diseases, it is necessary to prepare the calamus tea and drink it daily, for a period that is not too long. The ideal is to have a cup of tea three to four times a day.

The preparation of the liquid made with the rhizome (subterranean stem) of the plant, takes in addition to this ingredient, just one more, water. Just add two tablespoons for each liter of water used, the amount will be relative to how many cups will be served.

Allow the substance to cook and wait 10 minutes, counting from the moment the liquid starts to boil. After this period, remove from heat, place the tea in a covered container and wait another 10 minutes. After this procedure, strain and take without sweetening.


The tea should not be ingested by pregnant women, nursing mothers or children under two years of age. Another important tip is to use the product discontinuously, as in excess it can cause negative effects on human health. In cases of illness, a medical consultation is important.

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