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Cross vine tea to fight serious diseases

by Dianna Leon

Known as the cross vine, the Arrabidaea chica plant has several other names, which change from region to region. In some places it may be known as cajuru, paripari, carajuru, chica or many other names. But what few people know is that this plant is used as a natural remedy to improve health, from the simplest cases to the most serious, such as leukemia.

Components of the cross vine

The plant has in its composition agents that are essential to human health. In summary, the vine cross is rich in alkaloids, anisic acid, carajurone, iron, flavonoids, quinones, tannins and triterpenes.

For this reason, tea made with its leaves or flowers has medicinal capabilities, such as anti-inflammatory, healing, disinfectant, expectorant, fortifying, emollient, astringent, aphrodisiac, anti-diabetic, anti-anemic and anti-leukemic.

vine cross in favor of life

It’s amazing how many cases are related to leukemia today. Serious disease that affects the leukocytes, the white blood cells present in the lymph nodes and blood stream, leaving the patient without the immune function in the body.

Leukemic patients, due to their low immunity, are subject to several other diseases that only complicate the case. In these situations, the herb is used to increase the production of hemoglobin in the blood. Other substances in the herb release aglycones, elements that have an antioxidant and anticancer activity, helping not only in cases of leukemia, but also in other types of cancer, mainly in the mouth and uterus.

The properties of the vine, such as its astringent, healing, anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial and antifungal action, help fight wounds, insect bites, jaundice and inflammation in the intimate region.

Problems such as diarrhea and intestinal colic can also be avoided with the use of vine tea.

How to use

The leaves of the cross vine are used to obtain the benefits of this herb. For this, four leaves and 500 ml of water are needed. Then it is put on the fire and waits to boil for a few minutes, then waits another five minutes. Afterwards, when the tea has a good temperature, just drink it at least twice a day.

As the herb is used for various purposes, it is not necessarily necessary to use it just by drinking the tea. Other alternatives are, a seat with the liquid, relieving gynecological problems and the use of compresses, in order to alleviate pain caused by inflammation.

How to serve tea?

For children up to 1 year: ½ (shallow) coffee spoon of the crushed herb to 50 ml of boiling water.

Children from 02 to 05 years: 01 coffee spoon (full) to 100 ml of boiling water.

Children from 06 to 10 years: 01 teaspoon (shallow) to 01 cup of boiling water.

Over 10 years and adults: 01 teaspoon (full) to 01 cup of boiling water.

After adding the herb to the water, cover, wait 10 to 15 minutes or until the tea temperature is comfortable to drink.

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