Jalapão is also known as brazil jalapa, brazilian jalapa, sao paulo jalapa, india jalapa, lisbon jalapa, white jalapa, bastard jalapa, brionia da America, ipu minas geral, amaro milk purge, mecacan, turkey mechoacan, escamonea da america, potato purge, four o’clock flower, jaticu root, white barb rui and sertão purga.

Jalapão resin, root and seeds have properties in alternative medicine that serve to help eliminate toxins and waste from the body, such as a diuretic and a drastic laxative.

The use of the plant is indicated for people who suffer from problems of inflammation in the respiratory system, congestive state, chronic constipation, congestive heart failure, hydrops of cardiac or renal origin and who have strong problems with menstruation.

The drink has a very strong laxative effect, so it is best to use jalapão tea after the recommendation of a specialist.

The plant must not be used in excess. Elderly people, children and people who have stomach problems also need to avoid consuming jalapão.

jalapon tea


-6g of jalapão root;
-150 ml of water.

preparation mode

Place the water in the oven and add the herbs. When it has reached a boil, turn off the heat and smother the container for ten minutes. The tea is ideal for those who want a natural laxative. But it should only be taken once a day.