In this article, you will learn about all the properties and benefits of the country mallow tea , as well as how it is prepared and consumed and its contraindications. Check out all this and more to follow!

Famous for being one of the ingredients in the preparation of hotcakes, the field mallow is well known in the states of São Paulo and Minas Gerais. However, as its cultivation is easy, it can be planted in other regions of Brazil.

Full of good medicinal properties, this plant acts internally and externally in the body. For this reason, know how to use it in favor of your health.

Benefits of country mallow tea

This herb can be used to treat respiratory problems, from the simplest to the most complex. Thus, field mallow can be applied in the treatment of coughs and also severe cases of pulmonary emphysema .

In addition, the herb can even be used to treat external problems such as allergies and syphilis.

How to use the leaves of this plant?

Fresh field mallow leaves can be found at street markets or health food stores located in cities. After buying these, you need to prepare an infusion, using a tablespoon of the herb and a cup of boiling water.

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Mix all the ingredients and leave the substance muffled for 10 minutes. After the specified time, strain the liquid and drink it without adding sugar, sweetener or honey. The suggestion is to take a maximum of three doses of these throughout the day.

Another way to use

Another way to use the fresh leaves of this plant is to choose not to discard them after making the tea. This is because the leaves can be used in external treatments. To do this, just apply the leaves that came out of the infusion over the skin wounds. The liquid can be used to wash such oedemas.

general recommendations

Even in the case of a plant that does not undergo chemical procedures, it is necessary to be aware of the active principles it has, such as preventing substances from interfering with the health of the body.

Therefore, before using field mallow, it is recommended to seek medical opinion, especially with regard to the amount used.

Also, women who are pregnant or those in the process of breastfeeding should not use this natural medication. As well as children under 12 years old.