The college herb is a plant used in alternative medicine to treat various types of diseases, including elephantiasis, ulcers, syphilis, asthenia, among several other problems.College weed is also known as elephant’s foot, deer weed, forest tobacco, devil’s weed, coarse grass, wild tobacco, cow’s tongue, thrush, swat, swath, swath, swath, swee. cougar.

The plant also serves as an excellent astringent, helps to clear the lungs and reduce the production of phlegm, prevents the formation of calculi or causes its dissolution, acts against Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STD) such as syphilis and is effective against syphilis. rheumatism.

It also helps to calm coughs and pharyngeal irritations, is vulnerary, tonic, emollient, serves as an excellent natural diuretic, stimulates sweat production, combats high fevers and facilitates the resolution of swelling and inflammation, causing the tissues of the body are able to return to its normal state.

college herb tea

The herb tea is indicated for those who suffer from bronchitis, lung catarrh, flu and severe and intermittent colds, rheumatism, ulcers, elephantiasis, urinary calculi, asthenic fever and for women who suffer from the heat of menopause.

External use of the plant

College grass leaves can also be used externally. As a poultice, they serve as a great natural healing agent when placed over wounds.