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Aconite tea: benefits and properties

by Dianna Leon

Aconite is a perennial plant that has tuberous roots and is currently cultivated in large quantities for pharmaceutical use. It originates from Europe and grows spontaneously in fields and forests. It can be used in several compositions for analgesic medicinal mixtures and, therefore, like many other plants, it should only be used with medical guidance and supervision.

With the scientific name aconitum napellus , the aconite plant has flowers similar to the foxglove, but with a blue color. Frequently in Portugal, the plant, despite being full of benefits, can cause respiratory paralysis and lead to death when used in doses higher than those recommended.


Benefits and properties

When recommended with a prescription and respecting the indicated dosages, the plant can be used to combat respiratory disorders, especially asthma and cough, and can also be used in neuralgia and rheumatic pain.

This vegetable is indicated for arthritis, inflammation, fever, skin treatment, neuralgia and has rapid action. It has analgesic, anticongestive, anti-inflammatory, cardiotonic, diuretic, sedative and sweating action. It can be helpful in treating headaches, nervousness, fear and anxiety. It is also effective in the treatment of acute infections such as sinusitis, sore throats, and digestive problems. It can be used for irritability, insomnia and anger, physiological relieving symptoms such as nervousness, agitation, fear of death and even nightmares.

According to Greek mythology, the aconite became poisonous thanks to the foam that dripped from cerberus, the dog that guarded the gates of hell when Hercules dragged it from the depths of the Earth. With this plant, Medea, a priestess of the goddess Hecate, tried to poison her stepson named Theseus. That’s because her legitimate son could not inherit her husband’s throne with her stepson still alive.

How to prepare

To prepare the tea, you will need:

– Two tablespoons of aconite

– A liter of water

Preparation mode:

In a container, place the water and the aconite plant. When it starts to boil, mark the clock for approximately 15 minutes of cooking. After this period, turn off the heat and cover, leaving it to rest for approximately 10 minutes. When this time is up, strain and see if it’s warm. Consume then.


The ideal is to consume between two and three cups of tea a day.


The drug should not be used without a doctor’s advice. It should not be used by patients with cardiovascular disease, pregnant or nursing women.

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