The lobeira is a plant of the Solanaceae family and is also known by the names of wolf fruit, wolf fruit tree, jurubeba lobeira.

Lobeira tea is indicated as an alternative treatment for people suffering from diseases such as diabetes.

It also suppresses smooth muscle tissue contraction, especially in tubular organs, is hypocholesterolemic, lowers blood sugar, causes blood pressure to drop, and is lipolytic.

The drink is mainly used by people with diabetes, as the tea helps to regulate the body’s sugar levels. But it is important that there is a follow-up by a specialist before starting to consume the plant.

The consumption of the drink is also indicated for those who have unregulated cholesterol, people who suffer from renal and abdominal colic, urinary tract disorders, decrease appetite, spasms, liver fat and reduced blood pressure.

In addition to using the leaves in the infusion process, the lobeira fruit can also be consumed. It can be ingested in its natural form, as well as serving as ingredients for recipes for drinks and jellies, for example.


The use of the plant is not indicated for women who are pregnant or are in the process of breastfeeding and children under 12 years old.