Corn is one of the best known cereals throughout Brazil, given its versatility in preparing typical dishes of Brazilian cuisine. In the festivities in June, for example, the sale of this product grows, as it is a masterpiece of several June dishes, such as cakes, hominy, pamonhas, mugunzá and even it, which can be served baked or cooked.

However, what few people know is that in corn hair there are medicinal properties capable of benefiting the health of consumers. And the way used to enjoy these beneficial effects is through tea.

Corn Hair Properties and Benefits

There are many speculations about corn hair tea, however, what is scientifically proven is its antioxidant action, as it fights degenerative diseases such as inflammation, atherosclerosis, aging and even cancer. The diuretic, antidepressant, antidiabetic and triglyceride and cholesterol-lowering actions are undergoing studies, but some have already shown favorable results.

The action that is still researching, but which has already shown positive results in practice is the diuretic. According to several patients, tea made from corn strands increases fluid elimination through urination and, consequently, lower fluid retention in the belly and other parts of the body. Therefore, it is also considered a weight loss, not because it burns fat, but because it eliminates body swelling.

How to prepare this tea?

To enjoy the benefits of this tea, it is necessary to take into account that there are only medicinal properties in fresh or dry corn hair, so when you buy it, you should ask the seller about the conditions of the product. Even the consumer can find the masterpiece of this drink on the internet or open markets.

The first step, at the time of preparation, is to boil 500 ml of filtered water. This is because, this tea is made through infusion, so the ingredients do not go to the fire together. After boiling, pour the water into a container with two tablespoons of corn hair. Cover the reservoir and wait for 10 minutes. Then, just strain and ingest the drink. The ideal way to consume it is not to exceed two cups of this tea a day.

General recommendations

Regardless of the patient’s health problem, it is important that he does not seek help only in natural treatment. Even though it is a tea beneficial to health, the patient needs to seek medical help and follow the guidelines prescribed by the health professional. Another recommendation is regarding the use of this drink by men with prostate problems, considering that the tea has diuretic properties, making the individual urinate more often and this can result in more pain for patients with this condition.