Mate tea is known for its use in chimarrão, a traditional drink in southern Brazil. What few people know are the benefits that this infusion brings to the body. At stores specializing in natural products or at open markets, choose the best leaves to prepare tea and drink up to a liter a day. Follow this treatment and see the benefits on your health.

Reasons to drink mate tea

1. Lowers cholesterol

Because it has alkaloids and carbohydrates, tea can interact with bile acids. In this way, it is able to reduce the absorption of bad cholesterol (LDL). According to specialists from the Federal University of Santa Catarina, the consumption of at least three daily doses of 300 ml can decrease LDL rates by 13%.

2. Protect cells

Its antioxidant action is responsible for the protection that tea develops in cells, being able to prevent them from degradation promoted by free radicals. This prevents diseases such as cancer and also helps prevent premature aging.

3. Protect the heart

Mate tea can prevent the accumulation of fat in blood vessels and thus prevent inflammatory problems. In addition, the antioxidant property present in the drink also helps prevent heart disease. Not to mention the cholesterol-lowering action itself, which in itself also protects the heart.

4. Stimulates the brain

Xanthines and antioxidant polyphenols are substances present in tea. They have the ability to protect the brain, improve brain performance and slow down the aging of this organ, repressing the oxidation of neurons.

5. Facilitates digestion

Mate tea becomes a combo of benefits to the digestive system, because it helps in the release of gastric juices, such as bile, facilitating the digestive process. It also has a diuretic action, helping to eliminate harmful toxins to the body that make weight loss difficult.

6. Help with weight loss

It accelerates the metabolism through its thermogenic action, which considerably increases the expenditure of calories. In addition, it burns excess localized fat, as it has lipolytic action.

7. Protects the liver

The disease that goes by the name of hepatic steatosis is characterized by the accumulation of fats in the liver. Fortunately, this problem can be reversed with the use of tea, as it can help burn this fat.