After a certain age, a woman begins to develop a series of symptoms linked to hormonal instability . The most common of these is menopause , which occurs in a physiological period after a woman’s last spontaneous menstruation. In it, changes occur in the female organism, which increase the possibility of onset and aggravation of diseases.

In the list of symptoms, the following can be mentioned: vaginal dryness, hot flashes, decreased sexual desire, loss of bone mass, increased laughter from developing cardiovascular diseases, alteration in body fat distribution and decreased attention. In this same list, insomnia and irritability appear with some prominence, as they may appear more frequently.

To put an end to these two symptoms brought about by menopause, the Naturopathic Phytotherapist, André Resende, sought to encourage them in the natural benefits of plants. The miracle remedy for women comes in the form of tea . It is easy to prepare and can be eaten throughout the day.

Benefits of some of the herbs

Before knowing the recipe, pay attention to the medicinal properties of some of the plants used in the preparation:


Also known as herb-of-Saint-Christova, cimicifuge is very useful in the treatment of menopause and the symptoms that accompany this phase of the woman. The herb contains an isoflavone called formononetin. This substance, when released into the body, acts like estrogen, which during menopause is lacking in the woman’s body.

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In addition to the typical sweet taste of this plant, melissa brings several benefits. For the most anxious it is considered a holy remedy. A cup of tea prepared with the herb, before bed, reduces anxiety and stress , brings relaxation and quality of sleep, providing those who drink it the deserved tranquility.


The main properties of the Muira Puama plant are anti-dysenteric, anti-rheumatic, relaxant, tonic, vermifuge and aphrodisiac. However, the benefits it can provide for the body of those who consume it are many, such as: reducing fatigue and stress, increasing libido , improving blood circulation, stimulating the proper functioning of memory and helping to treat depression.

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Tea to relieve menopause, insomnia and irritability

After knowing a little more about the properties of some of the herbs used in the preparation of the tea, it’s time to write down everything from the ingredients to the beverage preparation process.


  • 1 handful of passion fruit leaves;
  • 1 handful of cimicifuga;
  • 1 handful of blackberry;
  • 1 handful of melissa;
  • 1 handful of star analysis;
  • 1 handful of chamomile;
  • 1 handful of Muira Puama;
  • 1 liter of filtered water.

preparation mode

Using a saucepan, bring the water to a boil. Once it reaches boiling point, turn off the heat and add all the herbs listed above. To find the optimal amount, use your fingertips to pick up a small amount of each.

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After that, leave the pot covered with all the herbs and rest for a while. Ten minutes is enough. This will help the herbs release all of their properties into the water. After that time, just use a sieve to separate the herbs from the liquid.

The indication of the Naturopathic Phytotherapist, André Resende, is that the daily intake should not exceed five cups.