Drinking tea is a very healthy and enjoyable habit. The drink is a great health ally and can also be made even more attractive when served creatively and with good taste .

For this, there are pillows for tea mugs that give exclusivity and charm to this time of rest and appreciation. If you are going to promote an event, you can use and abuse this kind of “carpet” to make your reception more fun.

But the tea mug rest is not just for beautifying your table . It is also a safety item , as if the mug is too hot it can damage the surface on which it rests. Another benefit is when we talk about cleaning , as the mug support prevents the table or hands from getting dirty when handling the drink.

See now creative ideas for making tea mug pillows at home and impressing your visitors.

Rest for tea mugs

1. Crochet

Do you know how to crochet ? Try making small circles of crochet thread for teacup rests. You can play with the colors of the lines adding style to the accessory. Try leaving the center with a darker color and open it in gradients for the lighter ones.

If your tea has a theme, in the case of receptions or celebrations, you can make the pillows in the color of the decoration.

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2. Fabric

With two-color fabrics it is possible to make a teacup pillow in the shape of a sunflower . In the core, invest in dark colored fabrics, which show less stains and dirt and on the edges, put yellow petals. It will be beautiful!

3. Matching the mug

Another way to add value to your tea is to customize the pillow with the same theme as the mug . For example, if your cup is mottled, like a cow, how about putting a picture of an animal glued on the rest? This will make the combination really fun.

4. Clothes

Another creative way to make a teacup rest is to wear a linen garment on the mug . This will protect your hands from whoever is savoring the drink when it is too hot. In addition, you can innovate in prints and make everything prettier.

5. Other formats

Who said that the cup or mug rest only has to be round? The tip is to use creativity. For example, you can make a pillow, square, much larger than the bottom of the container and put a kind of pocket with fabric so that the person can put the spoon and napkins there that will help in the tasting .