Tea is one of the most consumed beverages in the world. In some countries, such as England, it has become a cultural factor, proving to be part of the identity of the English people. After all, everyone has heard of the famous five o’clock tea, a pompous British tradition. Unfortunately, in Brazil, tea is still more intended for medicinal use, and few people enjoy it beyond that.The habit of consuming this drink without medicinal needs is still very small, but it is already part of the life of some Brazilians. The varieties of tea, even make them suitable for any time of day or season. For example, in winter, we can have warm and hot teas, in summer, we have iced teas. There are more than three thousand types of flavors, that is, “there is something for all tastes”.

Thinking about this growing market, several brands have created super fun infusers to make tea time even tastier. Creativity flows freely, and has models in the most different ways. However, the price here in Brazil is still a little “salty”. But with a good research, we can find sites that sell these infusers with values ​​between R$30 to R$70.

Yellow submarine (For Beatles fans)

“We all live in a yellow submarine / Yellow submarine, yellow submarine…”

Mr. Tea





Dr Who’s phone booth

Scuba diver

Polar Bear

For Christmas