Camphor garden is well known by the indigenous people of the Andean region, especially with regard to the medicinal properties of this plant. Upon being discovered by science, the plant received the scientific name Artemisia camphorata,  obtaining the classification of the Asteraceae family.Despite the complicated names, garden camphor is the best known, but it is not the only one. Nowadays, depending on the region where this herb is found, it can be called camphor, camphor, camphor, camphor, camphor, etc.

Garden Camphor Properties and Benefits

  • Anti-neuralgia;
  • Antiepileptic;
  • Antirheumatics;
  • Antiseptic;
  • Soothing;
  • Decongestant;
  • Sedative.

Given these medicinal properties, garden camphor is indicated for the treatment of neurological and cardiac disorders, including neurovegetative dystonias with cardiovascular impairment. The plant also acts as a protector of the uterus, preventing bleeding in this region of the body. Contusion, muscle pain, wounds, insect bites and rheumatism are other problems that can be eliminated or alleviated with the use of camphor.

making tea

First, buy the camphor garden leaves from a reliable place, as in many places the leaves packages come with other plant parts that are unnecessary for the production of the beverage. In addition, choose to purchase them dry, as the properties are more present with them in this aspect. Also, using fresh leaves can cause stomach irritation.

Once purchased, wash the leaves thoroughly and place four of them chopped in a cup of boiling water. Cover the container and let it steep for 10 minutes. Then strain the drink and drink it without adding any sugar, sweetener or honey. The tip is to drink up to three times a day and continue the treatment until you get the expected results.

essential care

This drink is not suitable for children under the age of five or for women who are in the process of breastfeeding. Patients who have gastrointestinal problems or are prone to develop this type of disorder, should not use this home remedy. As well as people with chronic kidney disease.