Very popular in China, the dong quai herb is known for its medicinal properties. Belonging to the Angelica Sinensis family, the root being the part used in natural medicine. The plant can be used by men and women to relax and strengthen digestive and liver activity.


The dong quai plant has phytoestrogens that are very active, so it can be used to treat symptoms such as dysmenorrhea and metrorrhagia, which are problems related to a woman’s menstrual period. These same substances reduce hormonal activity by occupying estrogen receptors.

When the level drops, at menopause, the plant’s phytoestrogens act in a similar way to natural estrogen, increasing the activity of this hormone. The consumption of dong quai will help to regulate the menstrual cycle, in addition to treating problems associated with menstruation.

Also with regard to women’s intimate health, treatment with the plant helps to improve fertility. Another health benefit of the species is the enhancement of the immune activity of cancer patients.


Despite being a natural ingredient, it is important that the patient takes some precautions when including the plant in their daily lives. It is most recommended that the doctor be consulted. It will take into account the patient’s real needs and the possible reactions it may bring.

One of the problems caused by plant consumption concerns for patients with diabetes. It can increase the level of sugar in your urine. Another precaution that must be taken is in relation to women with the tendency to develop diabetes, since, as a result of the increase in the level of sugar, the process can be accelerated.

Dong tea which

To prepare dong quai tea you will need to follow a specific tip. Boil three cups of water in an enamel or glass pot. Turn off as soon as it reaches boiling point. Then add 30 grams of dong quai root and a little semi-fresh ginger. Effusion for 30 minutes.

The indication is that the tea is consumed in three daily doses, once a week. In this case, the tea recipe is used as a uterine tonic among women.