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Lean pholia tea is rich in benefits and slims down

by Dianna Leon
Lean pholia tea

The plant is native to Brazil, but it became known as the anti-belly plant when it began to be exported to the United States. Supporters of natural weight loss methods claim that lean pholia reduces appetite, reduces fat located especially in the abdomen, acts as a diuretic, and even reduces the risk of a heart attack.

Also known as Mole Blond or Black Mary, the pholia Magra is an easily adaptable plant found in all country regions.


Properties in the lean pholia

In its composition, you can find allantoin, caffeine, potassium, tannins, and essential oils. Considered a natural supplement for weight loss, lean pholia decreases appetite, accelerates the localized fat, and eliminates liquids retained by the body.

Loss of appetite occurs due to changes in the central nervous system that its substances cause. On the other hand, localized fat burning is explained by caffeine, which speeds up metabolism, spends more energy, and therefore reduces the fat layer. Other substances are responsible for diuretic action, which reduces fluid retention and eliminate swelling.

But the benefits of lean pholia go beyond slimming and aesthetics. Its fat-burning action helps to reduce the risk of heart problems. Its substances reduce the amount of fat inside the coronary arteries, enabling better blood flow.


  • Decreases appetite
  • burns localized fats
  • Acts as a diuretic
  • Reduces cellulite
  • Accelerates metabolism
  • Decreases risk of heart problems
  • improves circulation

how to use

Although its use is recent, it is possible to find capsules with plant extract in compounding pharmacies or natural products stores. However, it is also possible to buy the powder for lean pholia tea.

The recipe is made like other tea preparations. For every half liter of water, add a tablespoon of powder. Boil, smoke and drink before breakfast, lunch, and dinner.


In addition to pregnant women, nursing mothers, children, and the elderly, hypertensive, prone to heart problems, or caffeine-sensitive should avoid ingesting pholia lean, as its substances increase heart rate and act as stimulants.

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