Everyone must have tried the papaya fruit, right? With a slightly sweet taste, papaya is highly appreciated not only for its flavor, but for its health benefits. It helps to regulate the intestines, moisturize the skin, hair and more. Rich in mineral salts, fiber and carbohydrates, papaya is rich in vitamins C and A, making it excellent for the eyes and for improving the functioning of the immune system. It acts, due to the presence of a digestive enzyme, in the regulation of digestive disorders. It aids in the digestion of meat and heavy foods and reduces cholesterol, regulates the intestine and has very few calories, making it excellent for those on a diet. It acts as a healing, nourishing skin exfoliant, fights acne, treats burns, controls dandruff, moisturizes dry skin, treats mycoses,

Papaya leaves against cancer

Tests were carried out that exposed the cancer cells to tea made from dried papaya leaves. It was noted that with this exposure, the properties of the tea interrupted the disorderly and accelerated cell multiplication process, causing the tumors to stop growing. It is effective against many types of cancer, leaving no toxicity and sequelae, according to research conducted at the University of Florida. Ten different types of cancer cells were exposed to four different degrees of papaya extract concentration over a 24-hour period. A decrease in tumor growth can be noted in all cultures tested. This benefit comes from the properties of the leaves that help regulate the immune system. It is important, however, to consult a doctor and always consume with follow-up,

How to prepare tea

To prepare the tea, you will need: – Five tablespoons of dried papaya leaves – One liter of water – One tablespoon of honey In a container, place the water and bring to the fire. When the water starts to boil, add the dried papaya leaves and simmer for approximately ten minutes. After that, turn off the heat and cover, letting the mixture rest in a sweltering period of approximately ten minutes. After that, you can strain and sweeten it with honey. Consume tea during the day.