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Rosemary Tea Benefits

by Dianna Leon

From the Laminiace family, rosemary has the scientific name Rosmarinhos officinalis . The first record that is known about the use of the plant belongs to the Middle Ages. At that time, Queen Elisabeth of Hungary was already seventy-two years old, suffering from gout and paralyzed. Dissatisfied, she was looking for help so that she could live better the years that were left to her, when a monk gave her the rosemary tea recipe so that she could regain not only health, but also joy, as he was considered an excellent fighter against sadness, in addition to medicinal properties. After all, does rosemary actually have that many benefits? How to benefit from them?

What does Rosemary do?

When talking about rosemary, it is important to be aware that the best way to enjoy the benefits it can offer is through its tea, which, when consumed, acts directly on the body and quickly. You can use compresses, pills or rosemary derivatives, but still not as efficient and quick as the drink.

The first benefit of rosemary that should be considered is the strengthening it provides for the whole body. The plant acts directly on the vital center, not only healing or alleviating ailments, but also making the body more resistant so that it does not fall into diseases that could have been avoided with a simple prevention and strengthening of immunity.

Those who are vain and like to bet on always natural and healthy beauty also benefit from rosemary tea, as it greatly reduces hair problems such as dandruff and hair loss, in addition to taking care of the health of the skin, making it always more lush and beautiful .

Diseases such as anemia, colds, cardiac arrhythmia, bronchitis, diabetes, insufficient menstruation and circular problems can also be helped by rosemary. Not all diseases are curable, but even in the case of chronic ones – such as diabetes – tea from the plant can alleviate symptoms and prevent serious consequences from occurring as a result of the disease.

Not everyone knows it, but rosemary has a powerful relaxing effect. That means you can also bet on it after that busy and tiring day, when you’re having PMS or when you’re too worried or anxious about something.

Also, rosemary is indicated to balance blood and body functions, relieve burns and injuries, resolve digestive problems and reduce memory loss.


Please note: rosemary is not recommended for everyone. People with prostate disease, skin conditions, or a history of seizures should avoid drinking tea from the plant.

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