Originally from Mexico, the plant known as a piteira is actually called Agave americana, a name given by the community of scientists.

Belonging to the family of Amarilidáceas, it can also be known as pita, caroatá-açu, Gravatá-açu or Piteira.

In Brazil, the cigarette holder is widely used for ornamentation due to the beauty of its flowers. However, few people know the power that this plant has in relation to human health, considering that it can bring good results to the body, it is enough just to know how to use it.

Medicinal properties and benefits of the plant

  • Anti- scurvy : Can treat scurvy, an inflammatory gum disease;
  • Anti-syphilitic: Eliminates syphilis through its active principles;
  • Antiseptic: Cleans and sterilizes the skin;
  • Blood purifying: Eliminates toxins present in the bloodstream;
  • Digestive: Protects the digestive system and its functions;
  • Diuretic: Increases urine volume, improving urinary system functions;
  • Expectorant: Ideal for those who want to eliminate mucus from the body;
  • Haemostatics: Stops possible bleeding;
  • Liver: Protects the liver and its functionality;
  • Laxative: It is used to provoke intestinal contractions, stimulating the patient to fight constipation;
  • Vulnerary: Scars wounds and other skin conditions.

Preparing cigarette holder tea

There are at least two ways to make tea from this plant. In the first situation, you should opt for an infusion based on the powder of this herb. For this, it is necessary to add a teaspoon (of tea) of the powder in a glass of boiling water. Cover the container and wait for 10 minutes. Once ready, it can be used externally.

The other way to prepare the infusion of the cigarette holder is using the leaves of this plant. There are 30 g of dried leaves in a liter of boiling water. After mixing the ingredients, the container should remain closed for 10 minutes. After the specified time, just strain and ingest the liquid during the day. To improve the taste of the tea, it is possible to add a spoon of honey to the drink.

Contraindications for use

Even being a plant with medicinal properties and a series of health benefits, the cigarette holder should not be consumed by some people, considering that not all organisms are ready to receive the active principles of the herb.

Therefore, the cigarette holder is contraindicated in the case of pregnant women, women who are in the lactation period or children under 12 years of age. In general, it is recommended that the patient does not take medication without guidance from a trained professional.