In this text, we will teach you how to make a tea to end respiratory problems,  which diseases this drink treats and/or prevents, and the most suitable form of consumption. Follow it below!

Suffering from respiratory problems can cause many discomforts for anyone. In addition, allergic diseases, known as rhinitis and sinusitis, can still appear sore throat and cold . One of the causes for the appearance of these diseases is the body’s low immunity.

In order to reverse and treat the appearance of these problems, the Naturopathic Herbalist André Resende prepared a tip that should save many people from this stage.

Using natural ingredients, Resende recommends a tea recipe to eliminate sore throats, colds, sinusitis and rhinitis.

Tea to fight respiratory problems

With the help of a pan, put half a liter of water to boil and add 6 chopped garlic cloves , 5 slices of ginger , 2 sliced lemons , 1 handful of eucalyptus leaves and 10 mint leaves .

Simmer for 10 minutes, then turn off the heat and let it cool. At this point, keep the lid of the pan closed.

The next step is to use a sieve to separate all the herbs from the liquid. After that, add a little honey to sweeten it. As soon as you drink the tea, pour 30 drops of propolis extract directly into the cup.

The recommendation is that the daily intake does not exceed three cups.

For children, you should reduce the amount of propolis to 10 drops, remembering to give only one cup of coffee a day.

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Benefits of the ingredients in this tea

When it comes to natural ingredients, people always have doubts about the indications and what they are really for. To minimize them, learn more about some ingredients used:


The  ginger  is seen as a powerful natural remedy that can be used for many purposes. According to some studies carried out, the root has been found to be as effective as vitamin B6 in treating nausea.

What’s more, it can also be used to reduce pain and inflammation and relieve heartburn.


The lemon is known for lots of vitamin C that it presents. For this reason, it is a great natural medicine to ward off colds.

Added to this, the fruit is also composed of ascorbic acid, which has anti-inflammatory effects. It is efficient in combating unfavorable respiratory conditions, mainly because it increases the absorption of iron by the body.

Added to all this, lemon helps to fight problems related to throat infections, sore throat and tonsillitis. All this is due to the antibacterial properties that appear in the fruit.

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One of the purposes of mint is to improve digestion and reduce nausea. From the herb tea, the patient can enjoy the antispasmodic effects.

In this case, it is this effect that makes nausea and vomiting be fought. The anti-inflammatory qualities that the plant can help the stomach in the recovery process.