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Teas That Help Treat Kidney Problems

by Dianna Leon

Kidneys are vital organs in the human body. To understand how important they are, think of them as a filter, which will filter out toxins, bacteria and other substances that are not good for the body, directing them to be eliminated through the urine. However, if not properly cared for, the kidneys can lose the ability to perform their functions, or get problems that cause a lot of pain – such as the famous kidney stone.

When experiencing any urinary difficulty or suspicion of kidney problem, it is essential and urgent to seek medical help from a specialist, but wise natural medicine can also play an important role in this treatment, with various teas responsible for alleviating and treating kidney problems. Discover some efficient and popular teas for this purpose.


stone break tea

Without a shadow of a doubt, in much of Brazil, stone breakage is the most suitable for kidney pain, cystitis and urinary infections. The reason is that it has a great diuretic property, which stimulates the elimination of fluid, and causes of bacteria, toxins and even kidney stones that are causing discomfort. It is important to emphasize that the “stone” in the kidney to be expelled naturally, it must have a certain size, verified by medical tests and evaluated by a trusted physician.

calluna tea

Calluna is an extremely practical plant to treat kidney problems, as all of its parts can be used to make tea. Like stone breaker, calluna is highly diuretic, helping to treat kidney diseases to a mild degree.

eucommia tea

Eucommia is a tree originally from China, whose leaves and bark are commonly used to treat kidney diseases. They act as a tonic for the kidneys, encouraging them to function better, relieving your pain and strengthening you. However, eucommia should never be used in conjunction with medications to treat blood pressure.

How to prepare your tea?

The first step is to choose the plant you will use from the options you have. After choosing it, choose to buy the dried leaves, wash them well and let them dry for some time. Then bring an amount around two to three teaspoons of the plant to the fire, along with half a liter of water. Simmer for 10 minutes, then turn off and smother. When the temperature is warm, consume the tea. Repeat the procedure between two and three times a day, as needed and always with follow-up and medical advice.

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