Camphor is a plant known for its decorative characteristics, widely used in gardens. On the other hand, it is also widely used due to its medicinal properties.It originates from East Asia, particularly from the island of Formosa, Japan and South China.

The plant belongs to the laureacea family. Depending on the region, it is also known as horseweed and dog grump. In curative terms, the part used is the leaves and flowers, in addition to the essential oil that is extracted from these two parts.

medicinal properties

Camphor is an excellent natural ingredient used to treat some symptoms that appear in the body. Among them are: nausea, gas, bruises, muscle pain, rheumatism and chilblains. Due to its sedative properties, the use of the plant is also indicated in cases of nervous diseases, hypochondria, hysterism, convulsions, epilepsy, melancholy and neuralgia.

camphor tea

To prepare camphor tea, just separate 500 ml of water and two tablespoons of the dried plant. First, bring the water to a boil. When it is close to the boiling point, add the herb, letting it boil for about 10 minutes. After this time, turn off the heat and let it rest in a closed container.

Before consuming the tea, use a sieve to remove the herb. The recommended is to consume up to three cups of the drink per day. However, before using a field in the treatment of any of the diseases mentioned above, it is important that the doctor is consulted.


Excessive consumption of the plant can bring some health complications. In any case, it is worth seeking medical advice before using it, as it can also cause skin irritation on topical use and intoxication by absorption and inhalation of vapors.

Furthermore, in the case where oil is used, the patient may experience eczema and contact dermatitis. In children, the effects can be more dangerous, especially due to the intoxication it can cause, which may present with spasms, delirium and disturbances in respiratory control.