When the holidays arrive, there is only one desire: rest! Whether on a beach, a hotel outside the city or a quiet country house, the intention is to put your feet up and forget about the problems arising from everyday life. If the money is low or for some other reason the trip will have to stay for another time, don’t worry. There is a simple, cheap and easy way to put bad feelings aside: through teas.That’s right, the hot drink and easy to prepare can be a great ally of the mind. Expelling anxiety, reducing stress and eliminating insomnia. To achieve this and still relax the body and mind, it is only necessary to get the right types of tea and the dosage of each one, so as not to run the risk of affecting some of the body’s functionality.

Recipes for teas to rest

  • Melissa tea:  Put two tablespoons of tea in a cup of water after it has been boiled. Then cover the container and wait for 10 minutes. The ideal is to drink up to three cups of the drink a day, more than that is not advisable, since it can lower the pressure;
  • Lemon grass:  Boil a cup of water and after the boiling process pour three teaspoons of the leaves of this plant into the container. Wait for 10 minutes with the drink closed. Drink up to three cups of tea a day. Avoid consuming more of the natural remedy, especially if you are also using other medications;
  • Passion fruit: Passion  fruit juice is known as a tranquilizer, but its sedative properties are more present in mucajazeiro leaves. Therefore, use a tablespoonful of chopped leaves and pour the contents into a cup of boiled water. Then cover the container and wait for five minutes. After the specified time, the tea will be ready for consumption. The tip is to drink up to two cups a day, as the excess can cause too much drowsiness. One caveat is not associated with this tea with sedatives and nervous system depressants;
  • Chamomile:  A tablespoon of the herb and a cup of boiling water are enough to prepare the soothing tea. Take up to four times a day, more than the consumer may suffer from allergic reactions;
  • Lemon Balm Tea: Use three teaspoons of the plant, to a cup of boiling water. Then let the mixture sit for 10 minutes and drink up to four times daily. If the consumer ingests more than that, he can have a drastic drop in pressure and still suffer from gastric irritation;